7 reasons why you should be using Lightroom presets now!


Nicole Hill


I’m not gonna lie, I used to be EXTREMELY anti-Lightroom (I would only ever edit in Photoshop) and I’d spend weeks at a time editing, tweaking and perfecting a photo. Honestly, it wasn’t my ideal scenario. Why? Because I’d MUCH rather be shooting than editing! One day when I was extremely burnt out after a few week-long editing binges, I decided to give Lightroom a try. I was desperate, and I wanted to see if it really could cut down my editing time like everyone said. WOW, I immediately regretted not using it sooner. Why was I making things way harder than they needed to be? With Lightroom, I was able to quickly apply my specific color adjustments to tons of images at once, and it cut my retouching process in half.

I was blown away!!

I still retouch my images in Photoshop to apply the final tweaks and touches that are more ‘fine-tuned’, but starting out by applying overall color adjustments to my images in Lightroom saves me hours behind the computer.

So, if your goal is to spend more time shooting and less time editing your images, then keep on reading (because Lightroom is AMAZING!).

What’s Lightroom? And what are presets?

First things first, Lightroom is a program that photographers use to edit their photos, and it’s created by Adobe – the same company that makes Photoshop. Inside Lightroom, users can apply different presets to completely change the aesthetic of their images with just one click (think Instagram filters for professional photographers). And you can also easily edit large groups of images simultaneously, which makes it easier to achieve a consistent look across all of your photos.

Raw unedited image

The amazing thing about Lightroom Presets is that photographers can create unique editing adjustments, save them as a preset, and share those presets with other photographers. So if you’re a photographer who is new to editing, or maybe you’ve been using Lightroom for a while but you’re unsure how to achieve a specific look, presets can really help get you moving in the right direction. 

Here’s my top reasons why every photographer should be using Lightroom Presets RIGHT NOW!

1. Time

I really believe that time is our most valuable currency. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather do just about anything besides sitting behind a computer and editing images all day! And if you’re like me, and often have dozens or hundreds of images to work on, then Lightroom is the way to go.

By using a preset that someone else has already put in the time to create, test, and perfect – you’re essentially skipping the line and jumpstarting your retouching process. You can easily duplicate their preset adjustments and apply your own specific style and flavor to them without having to start from scratch each time like you would in photoshop.

2. Simplicity

Presets simplify your workflow by giving you an immediate starting point. Photo editing software can be intimidating and can take years to master, so using presets is a great way to begin understanding the Lightroom software. After downloading a preset, you can study what someone else has done – which is HUGE – because it will help you determine why they did what they did to achieve that specific look.

RAW image VS image edited with Horizon Found Presets | Horizon Collection

3. Versatility

With presets, you can test a variety of looks on an image in a matter of seconds. This ease can create tons of ideas for different editing styles for your work, which can easily enhance and develop the style of your photography. All of the preset collections that I’ve created have a cohesive style – and within each collection, each individual preset reacts differently to varying scenery, skin tones, and lighting conditions. These minor adjustments create versatility for the different conditions you’re able to shoot in while still maintaining consistent, quality images. 

Raw image VS image edited with Horizon Found Presets | Banyan Collection

4. Consistency

I know I just spoke about versatility, but consistency is just as important. If you find yourself shooting in varying lighting conditions, then using presets will help you maintain consistency throughout the final look of your images.

Here’s an example: the sun came out in between these two shots below. It caused one of the shots to be extremely overexposed, but I was able to quickly and easily fix this issue while still maintaining a consistent editing style by using my presets.

I was easily able to easily maintain consistency in these images by using presets

Edited with Horizon Found Presets | Horizon Collection

5. Mobile Friendly 

Lightroom is epic because it’s available on desktop AND mobile devices. You don’t need to understand the desktop version to use the mobile version and vice versa. The mobile version works exceptionally well for people who love photography and want to create better images without necessarily wanting to become a professional photographer. If you want to level up your Instagram feed with professional-quality edits, Lightroom is the way to go! In my opinion Lightroom mobile is way more customizable than any other mobile editing app I’ve used. It’s a must, and the app is free!

6. Customizable 

Another benefit of using presets is that they are super customizable. Once you purchase a preset collection, you can adjust and tweak it to make it your own. It makes for endless possibilities for the look and style you’re trying to achieve.

RAW unedited image
image edited with Horizon Found Presets | Banyan Collection

7. Batch Editing

One of the best things about Lightroom is its batch editing feature. You can apply your adjustments to a large group of images, and you save SO. MUCH. TIME. Batch editing is MAGIC. With Lightroom, you can batch process images while only having to spend time doing the final tweaks to each shot after the preset is applied. With photoshop, this could take days. Bless you batch editing, truly. This is my favorite Lightroom feature and I am obsessed.

RAW image VS image edited with Horizon Found Presets | Horizon Collection

So there you have it, my top reasons why Lightroom Presets are a must-have for photographers. If you’re curious whether presets are a good fit for you and want to learn more, you can check out all of our preset collections right here!

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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