The last decade of my life has been spent traveling the world as a fashion photographer. I've been fortunate enough to work with my dream clients, and have built lifelong friendships and created unforgettable memories along the way. I never in my wildest dreams thought that this would become my life. 

Before I found photography, I felt lost and alone. I lacked the self-confidence needed to change my life and become something more. It wasn't until I found photography that I felt like I had a voice. Throughout my journey over the last 10 years, I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. I know how hard growing a successful photography business can be, and I know what it feels like to question whether you made the right decision following your passion. No one should ever question following their dreams. 

With Horizon Found, my mission is to encourage, educate, and uplift fellow female photographers - to give them the confidence to believe that they are enough - and to show them that they have everything it takes to change their lives and achieve their personal goals. Here you will find community, inspiration, photography education, photo resources, and business tools to help you grow the business of your dreams - you no longer have to do it alone. It's time we build a supportive environment in the photography industry together. 

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As a clumsy amateur in the world of photography and social media. I have dived into a number of free trials and expensive membership costs for things that I thought would make my pictures look better. Only to realize the only thing that will make my pictures look and be better is CONNECTION. Connection to the moment, and connection to believing that I can create beautiful things. As superficial as Instagram can sometimes feel it was a ray of light to find Horizon Found. Nicole’s openness and connection to her work, her craft, her passion, is contagious. She encourages you to create and make the most out of your potential in a way that you didn’t even know you could. Horizon Found not only offers gorgeous presets that will make all your creations pop and take out the stress of wanting the most captivating pictures but also offers Nicoles personal support and knowledge to make you feel like you are part of the team. Whether photography is your hobby or your full time occupation Horizon found is an outlet for positive expression.

Maria Garcia
Miami, FL

Absolutely love these presets! If you are a blogger, foodie or a designer looking for ways to vamp up your brand then I highly recommend buying the Distant Travel presets! As a swimwear designer and foodie, I love enhancing the natural colors from photoshoots and these presets do just that. It is easy to use, easy to download (the best instructions I’ve ever received with a preset pack) and it makes my images look like I just had a professional photoshoot. The vibrant colors truly make the image pop and it has helped me create an Instagram page with a more cohesive flow. I have tried other presets in the past but they never meet my expectations. Now, I exclusively use presets from Horizon Found. If you’re looking for a preset pack with beautiful, rich and warm colors that will elevate your brand then I would absolutely spend the money. It is worth the investment and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Eileen Bell
Tampa, FL

Nicole's Banyan presets helped me tackle one of the biggest obstacles I face as a natural light photographer - color correcting for shade! I have struggled with this for years, never being completely satisfied with the results of my own editing. Nicole has clearly mastered this, and I am so grateful that she created this preset pack!

Rachel Burns
San Clemente, CA

If you're reading this review wondering if these presets are for you . . . Well I’ll say it straight to the point, they’re “AMAZING”. My absolute FAVORITE thing about these presents is that they really do work on a variety of different images. You are given the tools to really create a beautiful image that suits your style. If you're anything like me, you put in a lot of work on every image making sure those skin tones are perfect and all I have to say is dannnnnggg! Once you play around with your temperature and settings you will find that flow and will most likely jump up and down after editing with these presets!

Thank you Nicole for creating beautiful presets that make my style come to life!

Danielle Lopez Photo
Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Bozeman, MT

I am so obsessed with the Horizon Found presets!! I especially love the Distant Travel preset pack for Lightroom mobile - it brings a beautiful tone to the overall image and the way the colors pop and shine through definitely stand out from other presets I’ve tried. I barely have to do any adjustments - barely just exposure and contrast! I’m so happy I’ve found a preset pack I love and will continue to use for all my images.

Thank you Nicole!! You the best.

Chesley Carele
Blogger + Stylist
San Fransisco, CA

I really love the Distant Travel pack for, as the name already suggests, my travel photos.
These presets will brighten them up immediately and make them pop.
When your photos, like mine, have either a lot of blues from the sky and the ocean and/or a lot of greens from surrounding nature in them, you’re going to love this pack, as these presets make both look amazing. There are so many options on how you can make especially those colors come across. What I also love about this pack is how versatile it is in general:
I can go from natural but super perfected looks to deeper and more saturated looks, from cooler to warmer tones and everything in between.
And super bonus: when you happen to be in the picture as well, it will make you and your skin look great as hell! You can really tell that these presets were created by someone with lots of experience from shooting outside and that a lot of thought and love went into creating them. I highly recommend purchasing these!

Kiki Stahn
Munster, Germany

I love love love my Horizon Found presets! As someone who's starting an online business and growing a social media following where photos are vital to growth, having professional presets for my photos is a game changer! I can't make my iphone photos look as beautiful as these presets do!

So thankful for these beauties and for Nicole's incredible talent!

Lindsay Mitrosilis
Health Coach
Los Angeles, CA


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a letter to you

We spend so much time telling ourselves no, doubting every dream, making excuses as to why we're not ready, why were not good enough. And at the same time, there is a voice inside us waiting to come alive. Your purpose is calling to you, but something is holding you back, maybe you're scared? I was scared too, for years I said no to my purpose. I didn't believe in myself, I let fear hold me back, and I allowed others to control my life. When I finally saw how much my world transformed with photography, I couldn't say no anymore. 

I know what it feels like to have a dream inside that eats away at you, to have every excuse not to start. That's why I created Horizon Found. For the dreamers. I want to help you abandon those negative beliefs, I want to help you build your technical skills, I want to show you the gifts that only you possess and help you share those gifts with the world. This industry can get really lonely, Horizon Found is a space where we can come together, learn, support one another, and build each other up. 

Wherever you're at in your journey, I want you to remember that you were created for a reason. You are the only person who has the power to change your life. No, taking the leap towards change isn't easy but think about how you'd feel if you woke up 50 years from now and realized you never gave yourself permission to share your talents with the world. It would be a shame, wouldn't it? This is the difference between living the life you've always dreamed of, or giving up on the person you were born to be. The obstacles are only real if you believe them.

Let's start together, let's start now. 

Your number one supporter,