how to believe in yourself when the people in your life don’t support your dreams


Nicole Hill


“Nicole, my family member doesn’t believe becoming a photographer is a real career choice. I’m not supported, I don’t know how to keep going.” It breaks my heart how many times I’ve seen these words show up in my dm’s. 

Have you ever felt scared to share your dreams of becoming a photographer or growing your photography business? Have you ever wondered how to believe in yourself as a photographer?

I know in the beginning I did. 

Before I found photography I was in a toxic relationship with a person who did not support my dreams, and told me I was crazy for thinking I could actually achieve them, and for a long time I believed him. 

When you’re first embarking on your photography journey it can be so hard to believe in yourself, and it makes it especially when it feels like no one in your life believes in you either. 

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe your partner hasn’t been supportive of you taking this photography thing seriously.

Maybe your parents think you’re crazy for wanting to leave corporate America?

Maybe your full-time employer laughs when you tell them you’re shooting on the weekends.

Maybe your friends try to talk you into doing something more “stable”.

And maybe YOU aren’t supportive of yourself deep down either.

If this sounds familiar, this week’s podcast episode is for you my friend.

The photographer who’s searching for the tiniest seed of courage to keep going.

Because you know the magic you feel through photography.

Even though right now you might not feel supported and no one in your life might understand. YOU saw the way light bounced off of that water in that shot you took, and you KNOW there’s magic in your hands.

The right path is not always the easiest one, and when you decide photography is the career you want to pursue, you’re on the road less traveled. 

But that road is setting the groundwork for something magical, something beautiful, something that makes the world a better place.

It’s not luck or chance or a fluke that you’re here, friend.

You’re here for a REASON.

And in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how you keep chasing that reason — how you believe in yourself as a photographer — even when it feels like no one else does.

We’re diving deep into how you can find that confidence and support you need to continue pursuing photography, so you can get exactly where you dream of being…

because, guess what

That confidence is there. You just have to find it.

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*to believing in ourselves*



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