Social Media Mistakes You’re Probably Making + How To Fix Them


Nicole Hill


Have you ever felt that blinding paralyzing panic when you go to post on Instagram?

As I was building my career as a photographer I was overly obsessed with my grid — the way it ~flowed,~ the way it looked aesthetically, the way it balanced between the little squares.

That was, honestly, the thing I stressed out about the most.

It wasn’t the pictures I was sharing as a whole — it wasn’t the work I was most proud of, it wasn’t the stories that made the biggest impact — it was the grid itself that mattered.

I just wanted the colors to match, I wanted the vibe to be on point, I wanted it to be perfect.

And all that really did? Well, all that really did was make me put emphasis on the things that didn’t even matter — and make me feel like I was failing at the social media game as a whole.

I struggled to post without feeling incredibly self conscious, because none of it ever felt perfect enough or good enough.

And, honestly, that hasn’t really changed for a lot of the people.

It can feel like you’re alternating between feeling like you’re not enough, like there’s way too much to keep up with, and like you’re behind… always.

And it can be super hard to navigate, especially as you try to build a business and become a better photographer.

I get it. 

I’ve had struggles with social media in the past, and sososo many of my students inside of The Photographer’s Path and in the Horizon Found community have, too.

After all, there are literally billions of users (more than half the world!) on social media.

It’s a lot to keep up with.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing 6 major mistakes I continually see photographers make (and 6 mistakes I’ve definitely made myself, too), and they’re all easier to adjust and fix than you might think.


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*to keeping social media fun*



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