Pivot Toward Your Photography Goals w/ Beauty Photographer Beth Sternbaum


Nicole Hill


If you’ve been dreaming about turning 2023 into the year that you pivot toward a career in photography, then I’ve got some GOOD news for you! Today, one of my absolute favorite people joined me on the podcast…

…the one and only beauty photographer, Beth Sternbaum 🎉

☝️*Murph’s just as excited as I am* 

I mean, who wouldn’t be?! She’s an AMAZING person and her work is STUNNING.

Beth and I met back in 2010 as we were building our careers in the photography industry, but she wasn’t always the amazing beauty photographer she is today. She started out in the industry as a makeup artist, and that’s how our friendship started…

Although Beth had a thriving career as a successful makeup artist, it wasn’t long until she started to feel the pull toward a career in photography. 

In this episode, Beth and I talk about: 

➡️ How she was able to pivot to photography full time after only two years of building her portfolio behind the scenes.

➡️ The unique way she was able to overcome self-doubt and criticism during the learning process. 

➡️ Posing tips and how to bring out unique facial expressions in your models

➡️ Advice for aspiring photographers, Running from wild boars on location, cameras breaking on set, and so much more… 

moments before said wild boar incident

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a photographer, I hope you give this episode a listen. I know Beth’s story is going to inspire you to believe in the unlimited possibility around you—we all deserve to follow our dreams.

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*Make 2023 the year you take on your dreams.*


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The Photographer's Path is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to get early access and special bonuses not offered anywhere else!